Rob and Misha's Wedding

gift registry information

fall sunlight in the trees on Spencer's Butte, Eugene

One of the many things that drew us
together from the beginning was our
love for the environment and our
dedication to lessening our personal
impact upon it. From using the tandem
bicycle for our weekend errands to
catching rainwater from the roof for use
in the garden, we greatly enjoy working
together in our quest to align the way
we live our lives with this philosophy.
For this reason, we are requesting that
any wedding gifts be in the form of a
contribution to our 'greening' fund
(details now below). This fund
will be used toward improvement
projects to make our home more energy
efficient and thus kinder to the

Rob has now set up a savings account for those who wish to give a gift towards our fund; therefore,
we would appreciate that any cheques be payable to him, or if you prefer to make a direct deposit
to the bank, please just email us for the account details.

Since people have asked for specifics of our 'greening' plans, here's the idea: The main improvement we would like to fund is to add
solar panels to our home, to reduce our reliance on electricity from the grid. We would also like to add another water catchment
tank, upgrade our refrigerator with a more efficient model and continue to expand the vegetable garden.

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